Who are the Slob Sisters?

Pam and Peggy The Slob Sisters are real-life sisters, Pam Young and Peggy Jones. They decided to get organized one fateful day when their lives hit rock bottom. That was the catastrophic day Peggy sent her husband to work with hair washed in Woolite and face dyed blue with fake aftershave because she hadn't been able to get to the grocery store. That same day, Pam was surrounded by 157 moving boxes all marked miscellaneous.

If the word "slob" makes you cringe, you'll be happy to know that the sisters you are considering for speakers are REFORMED slobs. After converting their households from chaos to order using their unique rotating tickler file, they discovered their success was just a pack of index cards away. With wit and good humor, the real life sisters turned their affliction (they think being disorganized is genetic) into a crusade. Using their system they organized their homes and families and have helped thousands make the trek from pigpen to paradise.

Expanding their 3X5 system to include and improve all aspects of life, their fun-to-use, thought-provoking ideas and exercises have made them familiar faces on daytime TV shows across the country. Pam and Peggy have become popular television personalities, discussing their system and making America laugh as well. The notorious Slob Sisters have appeared regularly on almost every major television talk show including Donahue, Oprah, Sally Jesse Raphael, Geraldo, CBS Morning News and The Today Show.

Twenty years ago Pam Young and Peggy Jones wrote their personal mission statement and it has never changed. "Using humor, we are dedicated to helping people improve the quality of their homes. We know that the strength of the family has a profound effect upon the schools, the community, the workplace, the country and the world."


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